系列机器采用紧凑的框架设计,1617,提供最大的测试适应性提供 1kN 5kN的抗张和压缩测试能力。框架结合系统电子技术和软件控制,不需要外部的控制箱或额外的PC卡。ASTM,TAPPI,ISO,



系列机器采用紧凑的框架设计,1617,提供最大的测试适应性提供 1kN 5kN的抗张和压缩测试能力。框架结合系统电子技术和软件控制,不需要外部的控制箱或额外的PC卡。ASTM,TAPPI,ISO,


Vantage NX 1KN- 2KN-5KN多功能拉力机


系列机器采用紧凑的框架设计,1617,提供最大的测试适应性提供 1kN 5kN的抗张和压缩测试能力。框架结合系统电子技术和软件控制,不需要外部的控制箱或额外的PC卡。ASTM,TAPPI,ISO,




 Small Footprint. Large Test Capability.小空间,大测试能力

■ Measure Tensile, Peel, Compression, Cycling, Tear,      Burst, ZDT, Flex/Bend, Stress Relaxation and

Insertion/Extraction, and more.测试抗张、剥离、压缩、


■ Ideal Industry Uses Paper, Nonwovens & Textiles, Film,   Plastics & Rubber, Packaging Materials, Biomaterials, and Adhesives

适用于以下工业: 纸张、无纺布&纺织品、薄膜、塑料&橡胶,包装材料、生物材料和胶黏剂等

■ Automatic Electronic Calibration 自动电子校正

■ One-touch Auto Zero 一键式自动清零

■ Electronic Air Switches 电子空气开关

■ One Serial Interface to a PC 一个连接PC的串行接口

■ Serial Load Cell Interface 传感器串行接口

■ User Positionable Test Control Panel 用户自定位的测试控制板

■ Digital Motion Controller Utilizing Pulse Width Modulation 脉冲宽度调制的数字式传动控制器

■ Easy Installation 安装简单

■ Side Electronics Panel for Easy Access 侧面式电子控制板,操作方便

■ Configurations to meet most International Standards 符合以下工业标准

ASTM, TAPPI, ISO & DIN including: ASTM E4ISO 5893, 7500-1, 9283EN 1002/1-4

■ Manual and Air-Operated Grips 手动和气动夹头

■ Fixtures AvailableCompression plates, peel fixtures, coefficient of friction, burst, extensometer and puncture fixtures  可用夹具:压缩板,剥离夹具,摩擦系数,破裂,伸长计和戳穿夹具


Software Control软件控制.

The Vantage NX is controlled via a serial interface connection between the tester and any standard PC or laptop. A magnetic test control keypad also provides convenient access to basic test functions.

VantageNX  通过机器和PC(或笔记本电脑)间的串行接口进行控制。同时提供磁式测试控制键盘,方便的进行基本测试功能操作。

MAP-4™ Software

This software equips the EJA Vantage Series with Windows® 7 ,8,10 operating system compatibility. It incorporates powerful capabilities for defining complex motion control and enables unlimited test methods.

Vantage NX 装配MAP-4软件可在Windows® 7,8 10操作系统下运行。它提供强大的自定义的复杂传动控制功能,可用于无限的测试模式。

■ View Realtime Graphical Test Results 可预览实时的测试结果曲线

■ User Customizable Test Methods 用户自定义的测试方法

■ Create Custom Presentation Templates 创建用户预览模板

■ Share Video and Sound Training 共享Video和声音练习

■ Control Your Test Result Display 控制测试结果显示

■ Simplify Analysis by Tracking Variables通过跟踪参数简单的分析

■ Group Statistics for Powerful Analysis 强大的分析功能,可分组统计

■ Easy Unit Conversion Built-In 内置单位换算功能

■ Multi-Lingual System Capabilities 系统多语言功能


Load Cells 传感器

A variety of high precision load cells are available for compression and tensile testing needs. Available load

cells range from 5 N (1.1 lb) to 5 kN (1000 lb). 各种高精度传感器可用于压缩、抗张测试需要。传感器可范围从 5N5kN(含原厂出厂报告

0 to 5 N     (0.5 kg/1.1 lbf)    Load Cell w/Certifi cate

0 to 10 N    (1 kg/2.2 lbf)      Load Cell w/Certifi cate

0 to 25 N    (2.5 kg/5.6 lbf)    Load Cell w/Certifi cate

0 to 50 N    (5 kg/11 lbf)      Load Cell w/Certifi cate

0 to 100 N   (10 kg/22 lbf)     Load Cell w/Certifi cate

0 to 250 N   (25 kg/56 lbf)     Load Cell w/Certifi cate

0 to 500 N   (50 kg/112 lbf)    Load Cell w/Certifi cate

0 to 1000 N  (100 kg/225 lbf)   Load Cell w/Certifi cate

0 to 2000 N  (200 kg/450 lbf)   Load Cell w/Certifi cate

0 to 5000 N  (500 kg/1125 lbf)  Load Cell w/Certifi cate


Variety of Grips & Fixtures 种类繁多的夹头和夹具

A wide range of grips and fixtures enable the EJA Vantage to be configured to most International Standards including ASTM, TAPPI,ISO & DIN. Manual & air-operated grips, compression plates, peel fixtures, coefficient of friction, burst, extensometer and puncture fixtures provide endlesstest possibilities. 

种类繁多的夹头和夹具使 EJA Vantage能适用于大多数的国际标准,ASTMTappiISODIN




Model 733LW 25 N (5 lbf) TAPPI Pneumatic Grips —

designed to hold extremely lightweight materials for tensile testing. Comes with lightweight circular faces.


Model 734K 125N (25 lbf) General Purpose Air Grips :

designed to hold paper, plastic films, thin metals, cloth,leather and other sheet materials

for tensile testing.


Model 733GC 125 N (25 lbf) Pneumatic Grips :

designed to hold pulp handsheets, paper and paperboards, plastic films and other sheet materials for tensile testing. Ideal for TAPPI standards.


Model 733K 500 N (100 lbf) Pneumatic Grips :

designed to hold pulp handsheets, paper and paperboards, plastic films and other sheet materials for tensile testing


Model 795 225 lbf (1kN) Pneumatic Grips :

Designed to hold pulp handsheets, paper and paperboards, plastic films and other sheet materials for tensile testing .

Inserts must be ordered separately (4 faces are required per set).


Physical Specifications物理参数

Vantage NX-1KN  / -2KN  / -5KN

Width宽度: 410 mm (16 in)                      

Depth深度: 410mm (16 in)

Height高度:                  1143 mm (45 in) / 1448mm (57in) / 1752 mm (69in)

Net Weight净重:              51 kg (112 lbs) /  59kg(130lbs) /   68kg(150lbs)

Crosshead Travel十字头行程:  610 mm (24 in)/  915mm (36in) /  1200mm (48in)


Performance Data 性能参数

Force Capacity 力值能力:

Vantage NX-1KN =  1 kN (225 lbs)

Vantage NX-2KN =  2 kN (450 lbs)

Vantage NX-5KN =  5 kN (1000 lbs)


Force Measurement 传感器力值测试:5N5kN

Interchangeable load cells available (see above list) 可互换的传感器


Force Accuracy 力值精度:

10% to 100% Load Capacity: ±0.25% Measuring Value

传感器容量10%100% ±0.25%测试值

Less then 10% Load Capacity: ±0.025% of Load Cell Capacity

传感器容量小于10%    ±0.025%传感器容量


Force Resolution 力值解析度:16 Bit A/D to 0,001 N   16位模拟数字,0.001N

Position Resolution 位置解析度:0,6 μm (0.00002 inch)

Position Accuracy  位置精度:±2.5 μm/25 mm (±0.0001 inch/1.0 inch) or 0.01% of Distance

Crosshead Guidance 十字头导承:Precision Ball Screw精密球形螺杆

Horizontal Clearance水平空间:Unlimited无限制

Depth Clearance 深度空间:89 mm (3.5 in)

System Control系统控制:PC-Based with USB interface (No PC slave cards) 

Operating System 操作系统:Windows® 7, 8,10

Crosshead Speed 十字头速度:1 to 1000 mm/min (0.05 to 40 in/min)

Crosshead Accuracy 十字头精度:0.1%



Safety Features

Emergency stop button, upper & lower limit switches with overtravel protection andload cell overload protection 急停按钮,上&下限位开关,带超行程保护和传感器超量程保护


Power Requirements 电源需求:220/230 VAC, 50 Hz / 240 VAC, 50 Hz


Operating/Storage Environment 操作储存环境

Air Temperature空气温度: Operating操作: 10° to 50° C (50° to 122° F)

Storage储存:  -25° to 70° C (-13° to 158° F)

Relative Humidity相对湿度:Operating操作: 10% to 85% (Non-Condensing无凝结水)

Storage储存:   5% to 90% (Non-Condensing无凝结水)






制造商:ThwingAlbert / 美国